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Hello VG! It's been quite a bit since I've made a post here. Well much has happened since the last one.

I'll start with thanking everyone for a successful FNO. That was tons of fun. Will we be on again? Who knows. The next event was the 1337 Lounge, we had tons of fun on that as well! We will actually probably end up doing this again.

Alright, now that most of that is out of the way, lets get to why I've stepped down from ops. I got busy with work the other week and could not make some ops. I felt the need to take a break and go on a mini vacation. Afterwards, I didn't have the drive or motivation to continue. The game has grown stale, taken a direction in a way that I do not agree with. I decided to not only step down ops but to actually take a break from PlanetSide 2. There is a number of reasons why its feeling stale for me. I won't list it here but my ultimate decision is to take a break until Hossin comes out. Once that is released I will make my final decision on whether VG fully pulls out or not. Your more then welcome to stay and play with other like minded VG who haven't been burnt out yet. Remember, who knows, maybe SOE will make PS2 great with Hossin patch. I'll come to love it again and we'll roll back into it strong, maybe.

Replacement games will probably be ArmA 3 and Tera: Rising. Updates on those 2 as follows. We'll be setting up a co op group for ArmA 3 and we are already in the process of setting up pvp groups and a raid team for Tera.

Ultimately, if this is the end of the line for me and I dislike the Hossin Patch... Thanks for the wild and epic adventure you guys gone on with me. We've gone up and down, but we achieved what I set out to do... Become one of the top outfits of PlanetSide 2. It will make for one hell of a story to retell.

Are you ready for the next chapter of VG?

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The website will be unavailable from 6PM to 8PM EST


Node21 - BUF will be offline anywhere between 6 PM to 8 PM EST on April 16, 2014 in order to upgrade the switch. Below is the official letter from our datacenter informing us of the scheduled network maintenance:

Our engineering team will be performing network maintenance on April 16th, 2014 beginning at 6:00PM and ending at 8:00PM, Eastern Standard Time. The following servers are affected: Node21

Total Expected Downtime: 60 to 120 minutes

Scope of Maintenance: Access layer switch upgrade.

We did it. We beat the game.

 Now some of you have been asking "What next?" Now that we've finished Planetside 2 we can begin integration into the next big MMO.  Ladies and gentlemen I present the next generation of virtual mankind!

Dowload and install the client Here by Wednesday the 12th for VG's first organized event. Ask for the details on teamspeak.

Its 6:59am, I didn't sleep very well. I'm actually quite nervous...

It has been 2 years that I started fighting with you in PS2, over 10 years for some during PS1. We've gone through numerous battles together, the ice cream sandwiches and the one trick ponies...

Today is our FNO, it will mark the third time we've been on it. The last two times was two years ago during the beta. In the two years time that it has taken, we've grown to be the outfit I've envisioned.

It makes me proud to finally showcase our outfit in it's prime. Today is our day. Our day that we will share with the entire faction.

Follow me, once again. Into the fray we go. For once the fight is over, we will whisper out.

"Sorry, we're new."

Ops start @ 7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST

I'm pleased to announce that we will be running a BIG Planetside 2 Operation this Friday the 28th. We'll be running from 6:00pm EST to 12:00am. Whatever you do don't tell the VS/NC outfits. =D


WHEN? Feb 28, 6pm-12pm EST Legendary Friday Operation - AMERISH

Preparation time starts roughly at 5:00 pm EST

By our laws, in accordance to the ancestors of our people, we must repay Mustarde by allowing him rite of marriage to of our fine young daughters. Echo8 your time has come!

VG is in the video at 6 minutes. I encourage anyone who to go and thumbs up this masterpiece!


The new Amerish redesign is very good.

From 2/21 during the evening.

If you didn't see his post, ThatGoatGuy uploaded some footage of our little AMS train adventure on Esamir. 


Tomorrow (Sunday Feb, 8 2013 EST) TS will be switching servers. The dns record should be updated rather quickly (I'll set it to 1 minute an hour before the switch).

Also, thanks to Nrin for funding the new server, and those of you that have donated in the past and who may donate in the future!


Server switch has been completed!