Arcsta and Jangler Running Planetside 2 Events Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:12 am
Just another update. I couldn't tolerate Planetside 2 anymore so I'm now I'm play Guild Wars 2 with TE. Arcsta and Jangler will be taking over VG in Planetside 2. Direct any questions you have to them in Teamspeak 3, just look for the [Mod] tags.

and.. this is where I draw the line and gtfo of a game. Bye.

Arma 3 Game Night Tonight Start Time 4-5pm EDT Fri May 29, 2015 9:16 am
Just a heads up for the 3-4 people who still frequent these forums... :lol:

The Planetside 2 stuff is still at 7pm EDT this evening. See Irishinsanity for details.

"Sorry I'm New" Wed May 13, 2015 3:44 pm
If haven't seen it yet, Proverbs died in an online gold farming pyramid scheme accident. You can watch funeral video and pay your respects in the youtube video's comment section.

Welp, it ain't getting any better.

I've thought long and hard about what to do with the community. Due to the absence of another game to transition the entire community into, I've decided to maintain a presence in Planetside 2.

This next part was the hardest decision to make. From experience in the past I know I cannot replace Proverbs and be taken seriously as outfit leader. In light of this knowledge I have created my own sub-component PS2 outfit, of the Validus Gamers community, from which I will be able to build and change from the ground up called Death Wish Division. Death Wish Division will be a "hardcore" Validus Gamers outfit. Only meaning there will be light barriers to entry compared to the original [VG] outfit, from required forum registration to required certification points in-game, nothing much more. Combined arms, organized play, fun and dick jokes. Will still be the main focus. I can also guarantee a consistent OP every Friday at 7:00 pm EDT. If you have questions or anything else you can post them into the newly created Death Wish Division sub-forums.

One critical final change. I do not like the idea of the [VG] tag becoming another dead outfit tag that was once was a legit threat to the organized rebel scum. After a single weeks warning I will be kicking all non essential characters out of the [VG] outfit. I will not, however, be deleting the [VG] outfit but keeping it in an inactive standby mode state for the day Proverbs decides to return, if he ever chooses to again...

and the legend continues...

May 8th! Fri May 01, 2015 6:34 pm
Hey guys! As you know, we are now changing the May 8th to a 12 hour charity stream event from 12:00pm PDT to May 8th 12:00am PDT.
What we are doing:
-Trying to raise money for Nepal Victims. Even if we raised just $10 dollars, we succeed in doing some kind of philanthropy.
-The last time for quite awhile that I'll be leading the charge into a game. Maybe forever? Send me off well.
-Make it known that we are not just gamers, but we care about what goes on in the world.
What we NEED to do:
-We need to work on publicizing/hyping it. If not the stream, at least Nepal Crisis. (VOODOO, Arctsa, Lurkaderp) You guys think you can handle that?
-Reddit PS2 Community Support
(Kwebb, Czerny) Can you guys get in contact with them to help not only make our post known but reach out for players support on that day?
-Get RSVP Numbers
I will handle this task. (DarkAvengerx7, IrishInsanity?) Can you guys help rally whatever members we have?
-Get banner up
Jeff Passarelli You said your gf can help. Check back with me tonight.
-Edit this stream page:
Drehmini Can you edit this, for the weekend? I'll send you a message of what I'd like.
-Figure out if we're gonna play other games?
Should we do PS2 all day on that day or switch out some games? 4:00pm-8:00pm will be PS2 for sure.
The stream will be under my link, I'll share the streamkey. I will not stream but instead will be in a skype video call with whoever is streaming.
We want multiple streamers for this! If you can stream, please contact me and help me set it up beforehand.

Copy pasted from Facebook Pinned Post.

Farewell! VG to Planetside! Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:31 pm

:'] May 8th, 2015 is our final op.